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Building Homes and Hope

I lost everything in the floods of Hurricane Florence. My home and my family were left in shambles. This was our third flood. We had nowhere to live and not enough money. Every place we tried said no locals, no flood victims, and absolutely no pets. No one had anywhere to go or live. here was no assistance or guidance. Our tiny town was wrecked. 

My son was two and injured in an old motel when the air conditioner blew up in his face. 

This was no place for a child. Live and Play was born that day. 

Helping families buy new homes with places to play already in the neighborhood is the goal. Assisting the people affected by poverty and those displaced by tragedy is the mission. Relieving the pain of homelessness one family at a time is the vision. 

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Building Homes and Hope

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Here at Live and Play, we are driven to make the world a better place by alleviating the pain of homelessness one family at a time by helping those affected by disaster or home loss secure and purchase a new home.

Live and Play's mission is to provide housing to those affected by disaster or home loss and to alleviate homelessness one family at a time. Buying or renting a home on an average income is difficult for anyone. Finding a place to live is extremely difficult for those affected by disaster, home loss, or poverty.

Live and Play needs donations to build our first Live and Play Community. Starting in Myrtle Beach.

Live and Play desperately needs investors and donations. In only a short time, we have been contacted by 41 homeless or near-homeless families needing assistance. 


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Transforming Lives


Helping Those Who Need Us Most


The Future Looks Bright

Live and Play is dedicated to relieving the pain of homelessness one family at a time. Our non-profit seeks to provide new housing for those affected by disaster or home loss. We want to give children and their families a safe place to live and play. Each small neighborhood will also have a new small playground. All children deserve a safe place to live and play.

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Our Story

At Live and Play, our mission is to create positive change in the world. Since our establishment in 2022, we have been dedicated to empowering individuals and communities. We strive to build solid relationships and make a lasting impact through our collaborative efforts

Imagine losing your home in a tourist area with high prices and unbelievable competition. Imagine losing it in a fire or flood. My home was severely damaged due to hurricanes and floods three times. Hurricane Florence destroyed my home, and I lost everything.

I had a job, an education, and some money. I still could not compete, and finding a place to live was almost impossible.

CPR Live and Play Corporation's mission is to provide new low-cost housing for purchase available to those affected by disaster or home loss who need housing and assistance. All children should have a safe place to live and play.

We need your help to give them a safe place to live and play. Our mission is first to provide reasonably priced newly built homes to residents, those affected by disaster or home loss in Myrtle Beach, and families affected by flooding on the East Coast and then expand.


These homes will be sold to residents who qualify for federal home purchase programs. We will build the houses, help get the mortgage, assist with the down payment, and put a safe, new playground in each small neighborhood.

Our vision is to relieve the suffering of homelessness and give all children a boost.


Wealthy tourists and visitors buy houses before they make it to the market. The working class and those affected by disaster or home loss are left with substandard housing.

If everyone could donate, that would help so much. We want to get started building the first of many L&P neighborhoods.


Sharing and causing awareness is also extremely important and helpful.

Join us on this journey, and together, let's transform lives and make a difference.

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Meet Little Luna

Read About Little Luna Here

Watch for the books detailing the teachings and lessons of Little Luna after she loses her home. 

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Donations and Volunteers Necessary

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