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A Place to Live and Play

I lost my home in Hurricane Florence. I lost everything. I went from having it all to having nothing. In the blink of an eye, anyone can lose their home. Relieving the pain  homelessness one family at a time through home ownership.


Helping families buy new homes with places to play. Assisting those displaced by tragedy and loss. Relieving the pain of homelessness one family at a time is the vision. 


Live and Play's mission is to provide housing to those affected by disaster or home loss and to alleviate homelessness one family at a time. Buying or renting a home on an average income is difficult for anyone. Finding a place to live is extremely difficult for those affected by disaster, home loss, or poverty.

Live and Play needs donations to build our first Live and Play Community. Starting in Myrtle Beach.


Playgrounds, green spaces, and gardens will be included to encourage community involvement, mental health, and well-being

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